The ongoing drama of the Tory leadership has dominated the news over the last couple of weeks. First, Boris Johnson was finally brought down by his own side, not because of his incompetence or law-breaking, but because so many of his own MPs decided he was no longer an electoral asset.

Since he finally bowed to the inevitable and announced his decision to stand down, we have watched the increasingly bitter contest to replace him unfold at Westminster. It has become clear that the Tory contenders are unable to agree on much, with smears and insults flying in all directions.

While Johnson’s departure is undoubtedly welcome and long overdue, let’s not forget that whoever replaces him is complicit.

The Tory party is rotten to the core. It allowed a cheat, a charlatan, a man devoid of any principles or values to become the Prime Minister of this country, and then propped him up for years. That is why not only do we need to see the back of Boris Johnson, we also need to see the back of this Tory government.

Meanwhile, Nicola Sturgeon inevitably regards the Tory leadership chaos as another opportunity to push for independence. Household bills are soaring, NHS waiting lists are spiralling and trains are barely running – but Scotland has two governments ignoring these issues to stoke division, play political games, and make impossible promises.

The First Minister tells Scots they cannot expect a better future without independence, but Scottish Labour are fighting to build a better future now.  Only Labour can kick the Tories out of office and build a stronger and more democratic UK and bring decency, integrity and honesty back into our government – and that is what Nicola Sturgeon is most scared of.

Whoever becomes the next Tory Prime Minister, the country will continue to need a change of direction. Labour will be ready to deliver that change whenever the election is called.