The phrase famously coined by former Prime Minister Harold Wilson, “a week is a long time in politics”, has never seemed more apt in recent times. It must certainly have felt that way to Liz Truss last week as she saw the writing on the wall and resigned just six weeks into her premiership.

This had looked like the most likely scenario ever since the ill-fated mini-budget and her subsequent axing of Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng. However, the sheer speed of her downfall remains surprising. It threw the country back into another Tory leadership drama, albeit one that ended up being considerably shorter than the drawn-out contest over the summer.

The simple fact now is that Rishi Sunak has no mandate to lead the country. It has become clearer than ever that we do not need a revolving door of failing Tory PMs, but rather a general election to let the people decide. This is vital because what really matters now is that we have a government focused on addressing the cost of living crisis, not their party’s own internal disagreements.

Following the Chancellor’s decision to cut short the support for energy bills from next April, I know that many people in East Lothian will already be starting to worry about the next energy price cap rise and how they will pay their bills. Others have seen their hopes of buying a home ruined, existing mortgage rates soar or pensions harmed because of the market turmoil the Tories have caused over recent weeks.

These are the very real consequences for millions of people of a government that has run out of ideas and is simply unable to govern in the best interests of the nation.

It is time for an election and the opportunity to elect a new government with a new Prime Minister in Sir Keir Starmer who personifies what the country needs right now – stability, honesty and competence.