Martin Whitfield MSP has asked the First Minister if she will rethink the Scottish Government’s opposition to new nuclear power stations in Scotland when the current two stations cease production.

Mr Whitfield raised his question at First Minister’s Questions in the context of Ms Sturgeon recently having to correct the official parliamentary record after falsely claiming Scotland’s net energy consumption is already provided by renewable energy sources.

In her response to the question the First Minister did not even reference nuclear power, ignoring the vital contribution Torness and Hunterston B make to the UK’s baseload electricity needs.

Speaking after First Minister’s Questions, Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“The Scottish Government has adopted a dogmatic approach to nuclear power. Ministers ignore the fact that nuclear makes a vitally important contribution to the UK’s energy production and security, as well as net zero targets, something that cannot easily be replaced by other energy sources.

“Given the First Minister’s new understanding of Scotland’s energy consumption, I wanted to invite her to keep the door open for the future of nuclear, particularly in the context of it being zero carbon and for our energy security. However, Ms Sturgeon’s dismissive response, refusing to even mention nuclear, underlines how blinkered she is on this issue.

“East Lothian and the wider South Scotland region have decades of expertise in nuclear power.  The SNP-Green government is ready to discard this without a second’s thought for people’s jobs and apprenticeships, the local economy or the negative impact on our baseload electricity.”

Watch Martin’s question and the First Minister’s response here.