As the cost of living crisis continues, the Citizens Advice network in Scotland has launched its new “Debt Happens” campaign highlighting the growing risk of people being tipped into debt and the advice and support the network can offer.
Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) estimate that around 460,000 people in Scotland expect to go into debt, while 644,000 anticipate an increase in their existing debt due to the cost of living crisis.
CAS says the key thing from its perspective is combating a potential sense of shame and embarrassment some people may feel about seeking advice.
They are highlighting that too many people wait for a trigger point like a final demand for payment before getting advice, whereas if they act sooner they have more options for dealing with debt.
Speaking about the campaign, Martin Whitfield MSP said:
“Citizens Advice Scotland and the Citizens Advice network across Scotland does excellent work campaigning on topical issues and supporting and advising those in need. As the cost of living crisis continues to bite hard it is inevitable that more people will fall into debt.
“That’s why the new Debt Happens campaign is so timely. It’s highlighting that as people struggle to afford their housing payments, energy bills and other essentials, they are increasingly at risk of being tipped into debt.
“The Citizens Advice network’s service is free, confidential, impartial, and for everyone, whether they are in work or not. I welcome the campaign and urge anyone in the South Scotland region who is struggling with debt to seek help from CAS or their local CAB as early as possible.”
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