Martin Whitfield MSP has joined charities and campaigners to recommit his support for the goal of eliminating child poverty in Scotland.

The South Scotland MSP joined parliamentary colleagues outside parliament in signing up to a pledge to meet the targets set by the Scottish Parliament achieving a Scotland without child poverty.

Save the Children Scotland organised the event on Thursday after First Minister’s Questions as an opportunity for politicians of all parties to publicly recommit to meeting the child poverty reduction targets by 2030 and ending child poverty in Scotland.

Various other charities and campaign groups were also represented at the lobby, One Parent Families Scotland, Aberlour Children’s Charity, NSPCC Scotland, Child Poverty Action Group Scotland and The Poverty Alliance.

Speaking after signing up to the pledge, Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“It is a national disgrace that one in four children in Scotland today are still living in poverty. The fact that so little progress has been made on reducing this figure since 2017 when the parliament set the targets for 2030 is also shameful.

“Ending child poverty should be a priority for all politicians in Scotland. I was pleased to join colleagues in signing up to recommit my support for achieving a Scotland without child poverty and will always work towards this goal while in parliament.”