Commenting on the 75th anniversary of the creation of our NHS, Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“The founding of the National Health Service in 1948 remains one of the Labour Party’s – and our nation’s – proudest and greatest achievements.

“At its heart is the promise that if you ever get ill or have a serious accident, you will get the care that you need – free at the point of use, whatever your circumstances. That commitment remains as true today as it did 75 years ago.

“However, these cherished principles are at risk under the SNP. Our NHS is facing the greatest crisis in its history, with one in seven Scots on waiting lists, cancer waiting times at a record high and heroic NHS staff feeling exhausted and demoralised.

“But this isn’t as good as it gets – the Labour Party created the NHS, we will always fight for our NHS, and we will make it our mission to renew our NHS for the future.”