Scottish Gas have contacted MSPs to provide information for customers who have recently joined them from failed energy suppliers, including People’s Energy.

The information provided includes advice on potential sources of assistance for customers as we head towards the winter period, including the British Gas Energy Trust and the Warm Homes Discount.

The full advice and information provided is posted below, but anyone requiring further support can contact Martin at

British Gas Energy Trust

The British Gas Energy Trust (BGET), which incorporates the Scottish Gas Energy Trust, is an independent Charitable Trust established funded solely by British Gas. Since the launch of the Trust in 2004, over £78 million has been invested in helping over 170,000 people manage their energy costs. The Trust provides grants go up to £2,000 where exceptional vulnerability is evidenced and to be eligible, individuals must not have a household income of over £16,190 (excluding households with Carers, Disability, 3+ children) and they must have received help from a money advice agency.

Emergency Fuel Credits & Emergency Energy Measures

In these difficult times, this fund aims to support British Gas Energy Trust supported local money & energy advice services to deliver support to those most in need within the communities they serve. Both customers of British Gas and non-customers can benefit through the following free support:

• Home energy efficiency assessments.
• Emergency Utility Credit (EUC) Vouchers for customers on pre-payment meters
• Energy efficient measures e.g. radiator reflectors, door/window draught excluders, energy efficient light bulbs, hot water tank covers, double glazing film.
• Emergency heating sources.
• Debt Reduction Order application fee and Bankruptcy application fee payments (and Scottish equivalent).

Find out more about the grants here and find a list of money & advice services funded by the Trust, and how to access help through the website at Fuel and Money advice – British Gas Energy Trust.

Priority Services Register

British Gas have a Priority Services Register for any customers who are in a vulnerable situation, including transient vulnerability. Customers on the Priority Services Register can receive free gas safety checks, priority support in an emergency, with a local network operator providing alternative heating and cooking facilities in the event of a supply interruption and customers can ask their supplier to send communications (such as account statements or bills) to someone they have nominated to assist with Bill management and payments.

Those eligible to join the priority services register include:

• Individuals over 65
• Individuals with a disability or long-term illness
• Individuals who rely on medical equipment in your home
• Individuals with a child or children under the age of five
• Individuals who have gone through a recent bereavement, break-up or job loss
• Individuals recovering from a hospital treatment
• Individuals who are living independently for the first time

Call 0800 0728 625 to register. Or, if you are a Pay As You Go customer, call on 0800 294 8604.

Warm Home Discount (WHD) and the Pension Credit

Applications for the Warm Home Discount (£140 credit on energy bills for those who are eligible) are now open, and it’s important that applicants get their applications in early.

Applications can be made here.

It’s also a good time for people to check if they are eligible for Pension Credit. Not only does £1.8billion Pension Credit go unclaimed each year, but this can act as a ‘passport’ for other support, such as the WHD. Residents are eligible for the WHD if on 4 July 2021 all of the following apply:

• your energy supplier is part of the scheme (British Gas is)
• your name (or your partner’s) is on the bill
• you or your partner are getting the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit (even if you get Savings Credit as well)

Give the Pension Credit hotline a call – you can help someone claim Pension Credit by phone 0800 99 1234, or by post, or online: A friend or family member can call on behalf of the person if they cannot do this themselves or can help them apply by post or online. Find out more about claiming here.

You can call 0800 99 1234 claim line. Or to apply by post you can click here.