Following the re-opening of the Scottish Parliament’s education visits programme, Martin Whitfield MSP welcomed a group of modern studies students from Knox Academy to Holyrood, the first to visit since the start of the pandemic.

Mr Whitfield attended the Education Service session with the senior pupils to discuss the work of Parliament and his role as one of the MSPs covering East Lothian and the South Scotland region.

Speaking after the visit, Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“The suspension of public visits to Parliament, including Education Service visits from schools, has been one of many disappointing impacts of the pandemic over the last two years. As a teacher myself I know the importance of visits to Parliament and giving students first-hand insight into what goes on at Holyrood as well as the opportunity to quiz MSPs and staff about their jobs.

“I’m very pleased that Parliament is now able to start opening up again and that the Education Service’s visits have re-started. It was a pleasure to meet the Knox Academy students and answer some of their questions, and I look forward to welcoming many more young people from other local schools over the course of this parliamentary session.”