Over the last fortnight the news has continued to be dominated by two issues – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and ‘Partygate’.

Sadly, the situation in Ukraine appears to be worsening day by day. The shift in the Russian military’s strategy, away from Kyiv and towards the Donbas region, has only intensified the suffering for those who remain in eastern areas of the country.

As for Boris Johnson breaking his own Covid laws, his supporters, including Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross, have shamelessly tried to justify not taking action against him because of the conflict in Ukraine. This is a ludicrous argument. As many have pointed out, the UK has changed leadership during numerous conflicts over the years and we are not even at war presently.

For me, partygate boils down to the simple fact that the Prime Minister not only broke the law on more than one occasion, but then lied about it to try and avoid being held to account. Now that he has been served with his fine, likely only the first of a number of penalties, he should do the decent thing, take responsibility for his actions and what went on under his leadership and resign.

It is becoming clearer every day that many of his erstwhile supporters now see the writing on the wall, with even arch-Brexiteer Steve Baker MP saying the ‘gig’s up’ and telling the PM to go. Now that Parliament has agreed he should be investigated by the Privileges Committee it seems the scandal could drag on for months.

However, despite the growing clamour at Westminster for Mr Johnson to go, Tories closer to home appear to be fully behind him. I can find no word of condemnation for his actions on local Tory channels.

When people cast their votes next week they should remember that Tories here are the same as those breaking our laws in Parliament.