This Blood Cancer Awareness Month Martin Whitfield MSP is backing Leukaemia Care and Leukaemia UK with highlighting their #SpotLeukaemia campaign addressing the hurdles leukaemia patients face in receiving an early diagnosis.
Diagnosis via the emergency route for leukaemia is greater than most other types of cancer and often associated with poor survival. Many leukaemia patients visit their GP multiple times before being diagnosed or being referred for diagnosis. That is why being able to spot and voice signs and symptoms of leukaemia is so important
Martin Whitfield MSP said: 
“Patient surveys and research have found that only a third of patients presenting to their GP with symptoms of leukaemia are receiving blood tests straight away after the first appointment.

“Almost a quarter of acute leukaemia respondents said it took up to 3-4 months after first presenting to the GP to get a blood test. 

“Early diagnosis is crucial to treating leukaemia, so it’s important that these barriers are addressed to help improve symptom awareness, data availability and GP training, support and capacity.   

“The #SpotLeukaemia campaign is a vital contribution to increasing awareness and pushing for change and I’m pleased to give it my support.”

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