Commenting on the latest statistics from East Lothian Foodbank, which show 367 food parcels were handed out in September, a 40 per cent increase on the corresponding month last year, Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“The ever-rising demand for assistance from foodbanks is morally unjustifiable. Last year the Scottish Government rightly consulted on proposals for a national plan to end the need for foodbanks. However, a year later the national plan has still not been finalised. Those facing food insecurity and poverty cannot wait any longer – they need additional assistance now.

“That said, until the extra help needed to end foodbanks is provided, I would urge the public to continue supporting the work of East Lothian Foodbank. Given the scale of the cost of living crisis, I understand this might include giving people fuel vouchers or blankets, which is of course terribly sad, but would help those in greatest need.

“The manifesto on which I stood at the last election demanded that Scotland’s social security system should ensure no one is held back by poverty and inequality. As well as proposals for doubling the Scottish Child Payment and accelerating the roll out for six to 16-year olds, it also included plans to guarantee a Minimum Income Standard that no one would fall below. All of this would contribute to tackling poverty and ensuring that people receive the help they need.”

East Lothian Foodbank has already given out more food parcels in 2022 than the 3,113 issued in the whole of 2021.

For further information about the foodbank, including details on how to donate, please visit