Responding to the news that NHS Borders dealt with more than 1,000 incidents of aggression or violence towards its staff last year, Martin Whitfield MSP has backed a zero tolerance approach on the issue and urged the public to be respectful towards healthcare staff as they go about their vital work.

Commenting on the figures, Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“These figures on violence and aggression towards healthcare staff are really shocking and disturbing and underline the scale of the problem facing NHS workers on the frontline.

“There is never an excuse for being violent, aggressive or abusive towards NHS Staff as they go about their vital work and there should be zero tolerance of such unacceptable acts.

“I’m pleased that NHS Borders is working with the police and other partners to try and tackle the problem and reduce these incidents. However, the onus has to be on the public to act in a responsible way and give NHS staff the respect they deserve.

“Anyone failing to behave properly or acting in a violent or aggressive way should expect to suffer the consequences of their actions.”