Speaking during a Holyrood debate on the #IWill movement for youth volunteering, Martin Whitfield MSP paid tribute to young volunteers for the work they undertake to benefit others, the environment and the causes they believe in.

The #IWill movement is part of a UK-wide initiative, which aims to bring together the wealth of youth volunteering, fundraising, campaigning and mentoring that young people are doing in their local communities.

Youthlink, the charity behind this movement in Scotland, seeks to encourage and empower more young people to take action, make a difference and influence change within their communities, on the environment and broader society.

21 to 25 November was #IWill Week 2022 and the Member’s debate took place after the week to give MSPs an opportunity to discuss it and the work that young people in Scotland are doing to lead the way and make an impact on these important issues.

Speaking after the debate, Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“#IWill Scotland aims to make participation in volunteering and social action the norm for all young people. The movement has grown rapidly over recent years and provides vital support and encouragement to young people involved in volunteering and connected activities.

“Importantly, it also engages with a wide range of businesses, charities and other organisations about how they can support and help empower young people with their volunteering activity.

“I welcomed the opportunity presented by this debate to pay tribute to the excellent voluntary work that so many young people undertake to help their families, communities, the environment, and other local, national and international causes.

“I also highlighted that young people from areas of higher deprivation often volunteer informally to help family, friends or neighbours, but are less likely to access formal volunteering opportunities, and called for more action to help bridge this gap.”

Find out more about #IWill Scotland and how to get involved at www.youthlinkscotland.org/programmes/iwill-scotland/.