Martin Whitfield MSP is helping promote the new #ThinkWINTER campaign, which is designed to inform those heading out to Scotland’s hills and mountains about the dangers and challenges of winter climbing.

The campaign is led by Mountaineering Scotland in partnership with numerous esteemed organisations, including Scottish Mountain Rescue, Mountain Training Scotland, Glenmore Lodge, Scottish Avalanche Information Service, Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland and Police Scotland.

As well as highlighting the additional skills, knowledge and equipment required for winter climbing in the Scottish mountains, the campaign also provides an essential #ThinkWINTER checklist for anyone heading out to the hills or mountains.

The campaign is also seeking to overcome increasing online misinformation about climbing and promote the use of winter skills courses that are provided by various organisations.

Martin Whitfield MSP said: 

“Scotland’s hills and mountains are hugely popular, especially in winter, but they are a serious environment to be in, particularly in winter conditions. Enjoying them safely requires equipment and skills beyond those needed for summer hill walking, climbing, biking and on-piste skiing. 

“Mountaineering Scotland’s #ThinkWINTER campaign provides all the information, advice and knowledge walkers and climbers need to enjoy winter in the Scottish hills and mountains safely and responsibly. Anyone heading onto the hills this winter should make sure they check out the campaign before they get started.”

More information about the campaign can be found at