Martin Whitfield MSP has urged the Scottish government to ensure students do not bear the brunt of the cost of living crisis after highlighting the plight of some during the recent freezing temperatures.

St Andrews student Lucy Penman’s case was raised yesterday at FMQs, after she warned that students were being forced to leave dangerously cold flats due to a lack of support during the cost of living crisis.

Commenting, Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“The cost of living crisis for students is an emergency and requires the Scottish Government to move decisively. The failure to act now will have a lasting impact on this generation of students. Students didn’t cause the soaring rate of inflation and the Tory-made cost of living crisis but they are feeling the full brunt of it.

“The Scottish Government should use all the tools at its disposal and support students during this cost of living crisis, including lowering transportation costs and additional support for grants and bursaries. Scotland’s students don’t want warm words, they want real action.’’

Lucy Penman said:

“I urge the First Minister to offer a solution to students soon as possible so that no one gets ill this winter. Students can’t live like this for much longer and if they do, it may be fatal. 

“Friends of mine have already been ill due to the energy fuel crisis. This generation didn’t cause the cost of living crisis but it feels like we’re being punished for it. We need help now.’’

Mr Whitfield’s question to the First Minister can be watched here.