Pupils in the P4-7 class at Saltoun Primary School have welcomed Martin Whitfield MSP to one of their lessons to assist with their work on parliament and democracy.

The South Scotland MSP joined the class for a Q&A on his role as an MSP and the way the Scottish Parliament works, although the questions covered a wider range of topics, including whether he prefers cats or dogs!

The pupils also showed Mr Whitfield their brilliant parliamentary artwork, which included paintings of the UK Houses of Parliament and drawings about the tone and texture in the Scottish Parliament.

Following the visit, the class will continue their project with a trip to the Scottish Parliament in March, allowing them to find out firsthand about the parliament building and how laws are made.

Speaking after the visit, Martin Whitfield MSP said: 

“I really enjoyed visiting Saltoun Primary. As well as having a brilliant Q&A with the class, which included some very original and challenging questions, and enjoying the opportunity to see their wonderful artwork, it also brought back memories of my time as a trainee teacher at the school, some 20 years ago.

“I was also delighted to learn that the class will be visiting Holyrood in March, giving them an opportunity to think up some even harder questions! Many thanks to all the pupils and Mrs Nicol for making me so welcome, and I hope they enjoy learning more about the work of the parliament in the months ahead.”