The team at the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), Scotland’s all-animal emergency service, have been thanked by Martin Whitfield MSP after reporting a record year of activity in 2022.

While attitudes towards animals and their welfare have generally changed for the better since the turn of the century, 2022 was unprecedented with the rising cost-of-living impacting people and animals across the country.

Calls to the SSPCA’s helpline to give up animals tripled over the last year and its centres are constantly at capacity with animals that people are no longer able to care for through simply being unable to afford to pay for food or veterinary costs. These animals are in addition to those that have come into the charity’s care for other welfare reasons.

Now the charity is concerned that animal welfare will suffer due to the current economic climate. To help mitigate this problem, it has launched Pet Aid, a service to support those who need it most through providing essential items, such as food and other supplies to help keep people and their pets together.

Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“The Scottish SPCA is there for pets, wildlife and farmed animals and their people all year round. It undertakes crucial services and educational work in local communities across the country, as well as campaigning for improvements in animal welfare legislation.

“2022 was one of their busiest and most challenging years and I want to say thank you to its dedicated team for their work supporting animals and people in South Scotland. The SSPCA’s staff and volunteers deserve our praise and support for their vital work, and I will always support them in parliament.”

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