Martin Whitfield MSP has welcomed the introduction of a new plastic-free poppy which will be available from October 2023.

The new plastic-free poppy is created from bespoke red and green paper, which has been produced from a blend of renewable fibres from responsible sources, 50 percent of which has been recovered from the waste used in the production of coffee cups.  It can be easily recycled in ordinary paper and card recycling collections

The Scottish poppy maintains the iconic four petal crimped poppy design and can be fastened with a pin or inserted into a buttonhole, with stick on versions also being available.

The change demonstrates Poppyscotland’s and the RBL’s commitment to reducing single-use plastic in all activities, in a drive to be economical, sustainable, and less impactful to the environment.

The plastic-free poppy will be available alongside remaining stocks of the current poppy to reduce any waste of poppies already produced.

Commenting on the new plastic-free poppies, Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“This new plastic-free poppy from Poppyscotland and the Royal British Legion is fantastic to see. The new poppy has the same iconic design, but is now made from 100% paper, so it can easily be recycled at home.

“This is a great innovation which demonstrates their commitment to reducing single-use plastic in their activities and being more sustainable. I welcome the change and look forward to wearing mine with pride later this year.”

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