With just one week until the start of this year’s Scottish Bus Week (22-28 May), Martin Whitfield MSP has declared his support for the campaign and the vital role of local bus services.

The week aims to promote the part buses can play as a solution for tackling many of the challenges we face: improving our health, reducing pressure on the NHS, tackling inequalities and climate change, creating green jobs and strengthening our economy.

The #lovemybus message aims to increase awareness, understanding and celebrate all the benefits of bus services to everyone!

Martin Whitfield MSP said: 

“Scottish Bus Week is a great opportunity to celebrate and promote the role buses and coaches can play in helping tackle some of the biggest challenges we face today.

“Each of us, in supporting buses, can be part of a national effort towards a safer, fairer, healthier, greener society and a strong, resilient economy. For those who have not chosen to use buses for regular journeys before, this is the perfect time to plan to choose your local bus services.”

Find out more about the week and how to get involved at https://lovemybus.scot.