East Lothian Play Association (ELPA) has launched a new film made with children from Tranent to help demonstrate the positive benefits of loose parts play.

ELPA and Windygoul Primary School have been working together to build understanding of play across the school and improve play experiences for all pupils. In the film, created as part of the Erasmus+ loose parts play project, children describe the benefits of loose parts play and why it important in their school.

The European Erasmus+ project links children’s play with the circular economy and involves eight organisations and schools across Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Scotland working together.

It introduces recycled waste and discarded items (known as ‘loose parts’) into school playgrounds and classrooms as resources for children’s play and education.

The 30-month project will assist schools to enhance school play environments and foster the quality play and creativity of pupils, while increasing environmental awareness.

The film was launched at an event, “It transforms the playground before my eyes”, held at Sanderson’s Wynd Primary School, where as well as showing the film, children’s stories, learning and research from the project were shared.

South Scotland MSP Martin Whitfield was among the guests to attend the event and learn more about the loose parts play project.

Susan Humble, Programme Lead on the Erasmus+ project, said:

“We were delighted to share this new film on loose parts play made with children from Windygoul Primary School. They created the film as part of our Erasmus+ loose parts play project to share and help demonstrate why loose parts play is so important in their school.

“We feel the film captures the importance of playtime in schools and shares the playful spirit of the project and hope that it will help to spread the various benefits of loose parts play to a wider audience.”

Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“East Lothian Play Association is involved in a range of really innovative and dynamic projects to support and encourage children to enjoy play and all the benefits it brings for their development and learning.

“This Erasmus+ loose parts play project is a great example of the difference ELPA makes. As well as developing practical opportunities for children to engage with loose parts play, it is also helping highlight to others the positive impact it can have.”

The film can be viewed at: https://vimeo.com/822930767.