Scottish Water has launched a new campaign for saving water during the summer.

The Water Is Always Worth Saving is encouraging the public to be aware of the water we use, understand that water is precious and worth saving all year round but especially in dry, warm spells.

The campaign will be running across digital, social media, press, radio and TV this summer with water saving information and tips.

Martin Whitfield MSP said: 

“We’re already experiencing an unusually long hot and dry spell, with every likelihood this will continue through the summer, and this inevitably has an impact on our use of water.

“I’m happy to help Scottish Water spread the word that water is a precious resource and always worth saving. It has helpful advice and information on how to use less water, especially during dry, warm spells.

“By making small adjustments to our lifestyles, we can all make a big difference and help to save water.”

Find out more, including helpful advice and tips on saving water, at .