As this year’s Anti-Bullying Week (13-17 November) gets underway, Martin Whitfield MSP has pledged his support for respectme’s Listen Up! campaign.

‘Listen Up! (Respect our Rights)’ has been created with input from young people from respectme’s
Youth Action Group. The campaigning charity’s young ambassadors want every child and young person to be heard and taken seriously when bullying is reported, and for children’s rights to be at the heart of all effective responses to bullying.

The campaign is aimed at educators, parents and carers and youth organisation representatives. It is
calling on all adults to ‘Listen Up’ and take practical steps to respect the rights of children and
young people across Scotland for Anti-Bullying Week and across respectme’s 2022/2024 campaign.

Speaking about his support for the campaign, Martin Whitfield MSP said: 

“Young people tell us that bullying is a serious issue that can have lasting impacts on mental and emotional wellbeing. They want, and should be able to expect, all adults in their lives to take
incidences of bullying seriously, and to ensure that any reported incidents are effectively addressed.

“As an MSP and educational professional, I’m pleased to pledge my support for the Listen Up campaign this Anti-Bullying Week. I’m encouraging other adults working with young people to find out more about the campaign’s objectives and help promote them in their work.”

Find out more about the campaign, including resources for helping to tackle bullying, at