Commenting on passage of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill (Reconsideration) Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“This vote is a significant step forward in enshrining children’s rights in Scots law, but it shameful that it has been held back by years of constitutional bickering.

“While celebrating this landmark moment, we still need assurances that children’s rights will be swiftly integrated throughout Scotland’s legal system without further delay.

“The Scottish Government must provide a transparent and detailed timeline for legislative review of the bill and a firm commitment to continue to funding of the UNCRC Implementation Programme.

“It must expedite the implementation process, prioritise children’s rights, and provide a robust framework that safeguards and champions the well-being of Scotland’s young people.”

Together Scotland Director Juliet Harris said:

“The passage of the UNCRC (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill reflects over a decade of dedicated campaigning by children, young people, Together’s membership, and wider civil society. While marking the end of one journey, it signals the beginning of the next, with much work ahead to ensure it fully realises its potential and delivers the ‘revolution in children’s rights’ that children and young people have been promised.

“As we celebrate, we continue to urge the Scottish Government to follow through with a clear timetable for legislative review, seize opportunities to expand the scope of the Bill, and continue funding the UNCRC Implementation Programme.

“The UNCRC Bill signifies legal change, but its true power lies as a catalyst for cultural change. At this next stage in our journey, we must ensure that children and young people are at the heart of everything we do to make this culture change a reality for this generation and generations to come.”