This week Martin Whitfield MSP made the closing speech in a Scottish Labour led debate on education highlighting the challenges it is facing and demanding a fresh approach from government to deliver quality education.

During his speech Mr Whitfield urged the Scottish Government to face up to the challenges and problems currently being experienced in Scotland’s education system.

He also asked the Cabinet Secretary to properly listen to and engage with those working in education and provide a timetable to parliament for when changes will actually be implemented to improve education.

Speaking after the debate, Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“We brought this debate to the chamber in order to call on the government to acknowledge declining standards in Scottish Education and act to better support our young people and education staff.

“We heard the usual excuses and platitudes in response, but the fact remains our children are being let down by this government and it’s time for change.”

You can read the full debate, including Mr Whitfield’s contribution, here.