Revised proposals for amending the Scottish Parliamentary constituency boundaries were published yesterday, including for constituencies covering East Lothian.

Local changes in the proposals see Prestonpans restored to the East Lothian (or Lothian Eastern as they are suggesting it be renamed) constituency, with Tranent set be moved into a new constituency with Portobello/Craigmillar and Musselburgh.

The revised proposals are now open for public consultation until 15th May.

Commenting on the revised proposals, Martin Whitfield MSP said:

“I’m very disappointed by these revised proposals which simply swap one unwelcome boundary change with another.

“While recognising the impact of our growing population, I believe that both Prestonpans and Tranent are integral parts of East Lothian and should remain together in an East Lothian constituency.

“Splitting the county like this would still break historic community ties and create many of the same problems identified with the initial proposals.

“Ending the East Lothian constituency name is a further blow and risks undermining our area’s identity and cohesion at a parliamentary level.”

Anyone can submit a response on the revised proposals at