Martin Whitfield MSP has welcomed Epilepsy Scotland’s new #BeyondSeizure campaign which the charity has launched during this year’s National Epilepsy Awareness Week (20-26 May).

The campaign has been launched to help raise awareness of the challenges that can be faced by those living with the condition and the lack of funding to support them.
The central message it is highlighting is that epilepsy is so much more than seizures and can often impact on many aspects of a person’s life
Martin Whitfield MSP said:
“I welcome the important work of Epilepsy Scotland and its new #BeyondSeizure campaign.
“The campaign aims to help promote awareness of the impact the condition has on many aspects of a person’s life, including mental health, employment and social life.
“It’s an important campaign and I hope it will help improve awareness and understanding of the most common neurological condition in Scotland.”